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A 10 day motorcycle journey

Story by Archie Leeming January 26th, 2016

After sending the motorbikes ahead of us to Bloemfontein by truck, we flew into the city a few days later to meet them. From there we made our way through the Drakensberg and into Lesotho via the Sani Pass. With August being the end of winter, we contended with freezing nights but lucked out with blue skies daily. Our route took us across the width of the country along winding mountain roads to Semonkong before making the journey back to Cape Town.


A windy lunch stop in Golden Gate Highlands National Park
Camping in the Drakensberg
Crossing the Woodstock Dam

The sani pass

The foot hils of the Sani Pass, our passage into Lesotho
Taking in a last view of South Africa before crossing the border
Reaching the top at sundown before making camp on the cliff edge of the pass
Braving the morning frost to get the first round of coffee in


Chinese local investment provided freshly laid, yet deserted roads.
Traditional round 'Mokhoro' huts built into the hillside
On the road to the border, we stumbled upon a Bosotho horse race taking place in a small village.
Racing ponies are trained to 'tripple', a gait between a trot and a canter.